Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Performance case studies

Case study 1:
We need to test the application which has 50,000 user traffic in 1 hour and each user transaction compromises of 7 page assuming each transaction takes 30 min.

Solutions First of all each user will not perform activity in 30 minutes. He will be in the state of think time (most of the time). Let’s take each page time taken to complete is 10 sec.

Also 50,000 user will perform 50,000 transactions/iterations.
1 user -> 7 Pages-> 1 page (10sec)-> 7pages=>7*10 =>70 seconds
1 user in 1 hour will have go 3600*70=>51 iterations
So for 50000 transactions/iterations => 50000/51 => 981 users approx.

So if your tool capability is not upto 50,000 user and you need to test application for 50,000 users , Go by explained strategy or if you have your tool capable with 50,000 user load, then go by original no. of users.

Other way solution of this problem can be that ask your web server administrator that how much no. of http hits application is going to get in the peak time of the activity and then go by goal –oriented scenario in Loadrunner.

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