Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to do performance measurements of system using perfmon

The PerfMon sample is an introduction to performance counters. It demonstrates how to monitor local or remote system performance. It shows how to dynamically create timers, context menus, and graphic displays. Follow the below mentioned steps to monitor the windows system performance counters

1. Open the Perfmon on Windows -> start ->run -> Open-> type "perfmon" and press enter
2. Expand Performance Log and Alerts
3. Select Counter Logs
4. Right Click on “Counter Logs” and Select “New Log Settings”
5. Enter the desired name for your machine (Web Server1 or App Server1 etc) for monitoring
6. Dialog pops up with the name you have mentioned
7. Select the General Tab
8. Give the optimum interval based on the based on the duration of the test
9. Click on Add Counters button
10. Select the Performance Object (Ex: Processor, System, Network etc.)
11. Select the counters from the list (Talk to Administrator of the respective admin team to identify the best required monitors)
12. Click on Add
13. Repeat the Step 8 to 11 till all the necessary counters are added
14. Select the Log Files tab on Server counters dialog
15. Select the log file as Text File (comma delimited)
16. Click on configure button if you want to change the log files location
17. Press OK Button on Configure Log Files dialog
18. Press OK
19. Browse the folder (Default C:\Perfmon)
20. Open the .csv file in excel format
21. Generate the graphs and save as excel

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