Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Questions to prepare for amdocs interview.

I was encountered with some good Questions in the amdocs online interview which is conducted by the MERITRAC.
This is a online test which compromises of 6 papers of mostly 15,20 questions.
Each section contain specific time like for 15 questions-20 minutes.
Mathematical and logical reasoning paper will have this .
- Data sufficiency
- Puzzles
- Blood relations
- Venn Diagrams
- Profit & Loss
- RC
- Percentage
- Ratio
- Cubes and Dice

1.Mathematical Ability-> This paper will try to check your mathematical ability.
Some of the question which i remember are:
a.In a class 60 students gave A paper, 80 gave B paper,120 gave A+ B paper,45 gave B+C paper, 15 gave A+C paper, and 30 gave A+B+C paper.
On the basis of this you have to give 5 answers(VENN Diagram)
2. A cube is cut into 64 pieces. and 2-3 faces are paint black.
Questions were related to this.

1. 0 is represented by * and 1 is represented by $. and if one number is added one more $ is added to number
eg ( 4 is shown as $$ and 3 is $**)
You have to identify which digit will resemble what then you would be able to answer all questions.
2.Check the numbers who are alike or not
like 5670.239875 and 5670.236875 and 5670.239875
3. There were also this type of questions like + is *, - id / and * is + and / is -
so find the calculations.

There were questions of data sufficiency.
Like a condition was given for a suitable candidate to be interviewed.
you will be given few candidates.You have to tell which one will be selected and id data is inadequate.

Third one is a comprehension type which usually we do in our english papers.
Like ( What are components of computer and how to connect them)
Direction: Please read carefully and answer all questions.

Fourth is Testing/C/JAVA
some of the questions are :
1.Read Testing workbench.
2. You will be given Four figures of Spiral model .Find correct one?
3. Read the questions of the testing lifecycle.
4. Peer and inspection, walkthrough.

Fifth is SQL
Read Procedures and ACID property,
Find the Him from "Himanshu" using substr.
query to connect remote host.

Sixth is UNIX
learn basic commands like ls,grep,Pipe command,chown,chgrp,gunzip,vi editor, sort command.
key to go the end of line in vi editor.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Basics of QTP