Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what it test incident report?

Test Incident Report: detailing for any test that failed the actual versus expected result and other information intended to throw light on why a test has failed. This document is deliberately named as an incident report and not a fault report. The reason is that a discrepancy between expected and actual results can occur for a number of reasons other than a fault in the system. These include the expected results being wrong the test being run wrongly or inconsistency in the requirements meaning that more than one interpretation could be made. The report consists of all details of the incident such as actual and expected results when it failed and any supporting evidence that will help in its resolution. The report will also include if possible an assessment of the impact upon testing of an incident.


Date: ___________
Project: ____________
Programmer: __________________
Tester: _________________
Program/Module: _______________________
Build/Revision/Release: _______________
Software Environment: _________________
Hardware Environment: _________________
Number of Occurrences: _______
Severity: _________
Priority __________
Detailed Description: ___________________________________________________
Assigned To: ___________________
Incident Resolution: ____________________________________________________

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