Thursday, May 19, 2011

Question pattern of Microsoft's manual testing paper

It will compromise of four section.
1. Analytical ability
2. Testing
4.C,C++/.NET/JAVA  (One is manadatory)

1.Analytical ability: It will contain aptitude question like figures, cartesian product, Rank, average.
Q If ghjikl is written as "hijknld" then oiundf can be written as
Q If a likes b
    and b likes d  then like a likes d type question.

2. Testing: Prepare for the ISTQB type questions.
3. RDBMS: Basic questions of select query , delete query, normalization, denormalization,  keys, views etc.
4. C++: General questions of output, complile and run time error and abstract class etc.

And best of luck , if you are going to appear.
Himanshu Jain

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