Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coherence Web Cache in webshphere

Coherence*Web is an HTTP session management module dedicated to managing session state in clustered environments. Built on top of Coherence, Coherence*Web: brings Coherence data grid’s data scalability, availability, reliability, and performance to in-memory session management and storage; allows storage of session data outside of the Java EE application server, freeing application server heap space and enabling server restarts without session data loss; enables session sharing and management across different Web applications, domains and application servers. More information can be found in the post Setting-up a WebLogic Cluster that uses Coherence.
ActiveCache is employed by applications running on WebLogic Server and provides replicated and distributed caching services that make an application’s data available to servers in a Coherence data cluster. ActiveCache provides direct access by applications to data caches, either through resource injection or component-based JNDI lookup, and lets us display, monitor, create, and configure Coherence clusters using the WebLogic Server Administration Console and WLST.
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